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10 Tips for Writing Effective Blog Articles

October 14th, 2010 — 10:30pm

Anyone can write effective blog articles if they approach it correctly. Follow these top 10 tips for writing blog articles and using them as marketing tools to improve your Internet business!

1. Focus on 1 theme. Do not try to do too much with your article. Your article should focus on one primary theme and not stray from it.

2. Target a keyword niche. Use Google’s free AdWords Keyword Tool to see how many searches a specific keyword phrase is getting.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Targeting a specific keyword phrase when writing your blog article is an important part of having that blog post rank on the various search engines. This can lead to long-term traffic in the future for each article you write.

3. Use Google to Research your topic. Search for articles, reports, videos, blogs and so on.

4. SEO your blog article. Use your targeted keyword phrase in the title, introduction, and closing paragraph.  Use variations of it throughout the body of the article. But avoid spamming your blog article by repeating the keyword phrase over and over.

Also do not worry about keyword density when writing an article as you want your article does sound natural.

5. Write numbered lists. This allows you to get keep your article organized and make it easier to read. It also will help you write your article as you flow from one point to the next.

6. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. In a blog people scan the article and shorter sentences will help you get your whole article read.

Never make the mistake of writing long paragraphs. Keep your paragraphs no more than three short, or two long sentences

7. Hyperlink keyword phrases. Link to your affiliate products, or other websites, and drive more traffic throughout your whole Internet business.

8. Add a banner or graphic. The blog article below about Movies Filmed on Kauai is more by appealing when it includes pictures.

Movies Filmed On Kauai

Movies Filmed On Kauai

9. Use Social Bookmarking Tools. Use to get your blog article into multiple social directories with one click.

10. Create an article video. Use Article Video Robot to create an article video and submit it to You Tube and other shared video sites.

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